EVOAQ VOC kitchen extraction systems

A healthy home requires good ventilation to maintain high Indoor Air Quality. But it is just as important to remove the bad air from your home.
Extracting the stale air from your home prevents harmful substances from building up in the air around you. This is important as long-term exposure to these VOC's within your home can damage your and your family's health.

Our System
Using the latest technology and most energy-efficient products, we have created a fully automatic VOC extraction system to constantly detect and remove harmful VOCs from the areas in your home where it matters most.
Our VOC extraction fans can detect many harmful VOCs including formaldehyde, carbon monoxide and cigarette smoke.

voc systems list

VOC Control VX100V

VOC control for smaller rooms like laundry areas and kitchens up to 6m² in size

voc systems list

VOC Control VX100V

Our standard VOC control system ideal for areas like kitchens, garages and workshops

System Specifications

Overview of the technical specs for our different VOC Extraction systems
VX100E-K VX150E-K
Room size Up to 6m² Above 6m²
Fan type Thru-wall/ceiling Inline
Power (W) 1 - 17 3 - 73
Air Flow (m³/hr) 63 ~ 284 65 ~ 650
Static Pressure (Pa) 159 457
Noise (dB) 28 31
Fan Speed (RPM) 250 - 2250 500 - 3000
Fan Weight (kg) 1.4 2.5
Specific Fan Power (kPa) 0.175 0.398


Download your user manuals, flyers and technical specs here

VOC Control Download
Kitchen Extraction instructions kitchen_extraction_user_manual.pdf
Thru-wall Fan instructions extract_fan_thru-wall_instructions.pdf
VOC control brochure EVOAQ_kitchen.pdf
Warranty form EVOAQ_warranty.pdf