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Indoor Air Quality

And why we believe in it

At EVOAQ, we believe that improving and maintaining a good indoor air quality is essential for creating a happy and healthy home. But more than that, having good indoor air quality goes a long way towards improving your family's health and wellbeing.

If the air inside your home is good, your health will improve, your mood will get better, and your overall wellbeing will be boosted. Less hospital visits/cleaning/power usage as a result is just another bonus!

And living in a house that makes you feel better is always a good thing.

Questions? Answers!

Different problems require different solutions. A number of different ventilation system types are available depending on the reason you require them. Have a browse through our systems and see which is best for your family.

There are times when just getting air from outside doesn't quite do the trick. Having the right type of filter in your ventilation system can give you that extra bit of protection when it is most needed.
Check out our section on filters to see which one works best for you.

With all sorts of sources of noise in our homes, from refrigerators and air conditioning, to noisy kids and barking dogs, you will be glad to know that our systems don't make your house even noisier.
And if you are extra-sensitive to noise levels, we even have special acoustic fans that are even harder to hear.
Check out more info on our fans to sate your curiosity.

There are many factors that can make a ventilation system work less well than when first installed, and interfere with the air quality inside your home.
Often this can be fixed by replacing the filter, however if some unforeseen event has indeed caused your system to malfunction, we give out a 5-year warranty with each system - so send us a message and chances are we can help you out!

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